Institute of Convergence Science, Yonsei University

Beginning of ICONS Centers

ICONS Centers

Carbon-based nanodevice fusion research center

Research Center for R&D Policy

International Development Research Center for Global Poverty Eradication

Integrated Neurocognitive Functional Imaging Center

Yonsei research center for Global Safety Technologies, yGST

Science & Technology Alliance for Research in Space

WARM HEART: Warming Associated Relief through Medical and Healthcare Research and Technology

Convergence Research Center for Ecology and Culture

Work Science Research Center

Bio-Medical-Social Convergence Research Team

Research Center for Environmental Convergence

two-dimensional nano-convergenc materials research center

Research Center for Liberal Arts Education

Biocompatible MEMS convergence research center

Breath based Smart Diagnosis Fusion Research Center

X-media Art and Research Center

Convergence Research Center for Sustainable Environment-Energy-ICT

A Multidisciplinary Center Teaching and Researching for Super-Aging Societies

YONSEI-KAST Convergence Research Center

Center for Cancer Biophotonics


Exercise Medicine Center for Diabetes & Cancer Patients

Integrated Science Education Center

Yonsei Institute of Sports Science and Exercise Medicine

Digital Transformation(DT) Technology Management Research Center

Big Data Trend Research Center

Biomedical Molecular Mass Technology Research Center

Exocrine Glands Biohealth Convergence Technology Center

Center for integrative bio-social researches on obesity

Convergence Research Institute for Artificial Emotional Intelligence

Senior Active Aging and Lifestyle

The Center for Dragon Studies: Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Studies

Center for Social Engagement(CfSE)

Urban Communication Center

Research Center for Yonsei Game Culture

Resuscitation Science Research Center

Research Center for Sustainable International Development Cooperation